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I'm doing a school project regarding making a media player. I'm doing this with python and wxPython as my GUI and MPlayerCtrl as my library to control all my button. However I'm having problem using MPlayerCtrl. I can't seem to get the function inside the MPlayerCtrl to work.

I am able to get the media playing but when I try to use the function "self.mplayer.GetTimeLength()", it's returning me with "none" which is nothing. I've also tried with other function inside MPlayerCtrl and still having the same problem. Can anyone advise me on what i am doing wrong?

A portion of the code:

def on_add_file(self, event):
    Add a Movie and start playing it
    wildcard = "Media Files (*.*)|*.*"
    dlg = wx.FileDialog(
        self, message="Choose a file",
        style=wx.OPEN | wx.CHANGE_DIR
    if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK:
        path = dlg.GetPath()
        self.currentFolder = os.path.dirname(path[0])
        trackPath = '"%s"' % path.replace("\\", "/")

        t_len = self.mplayer.GetTimeLength()
        print t_len
        #self.playbackSlider.SetRange(0, t_len)


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I'm assuming you've copied this example from here. I had the same problem with it. From this forum (German) I found that you should only call GetTimeLength() after the EVT_MEDIA_STARTED has fired. For your example, move:

    t_len = self.mplayer.GetTimeLength()
    self.playbackSlider.SetRange(0, t_len)

from on_add_file() to on_media_started(), and at the end of on_add_file(), put:

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