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I am creating a jquery plugin. this working fine in chrome, Mozilla and IE 9 but in IE 8/7 I am getting Permission denied error on line "$ctxObj.control2.val(opt.topicDefaultText);"

IE console

Test.Plugin = function () {
var $ctxObj = {};
var opt = {};
var initEvents = function() {


    $ctxObj.control2.on('click', function (e) {

return {
    init: function (options) {
        var defaultOptions = {
            control1: '#control1',
            control2: '#control2',
        opt = $.extend({}, defaultOptions, options);
        $ctxObj.control1 = $(opt.control1);
        $ctxObj.control2 = $(opt.control2);

} ();

if I declare a variable for each control like below:

var $control1 =$('#control1');

var $control2 =$('#control2');

and then using code


    $control2.on('click', function (e) {


using above code I am not getting any error in IE but as in this plugin I have so many controls so I don't want to do like this.

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Make sure all object-properties are set and that you actually have permission to access them.

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IE has a big problem with jQuery. My IE9 always tells me to enable ActiveX controls when I'm testing jQuery on it. Try telling your IE users to enable ActiveX Controls.

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