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I have a website running on let's say: www.example.com

On my local WAMP installation, I have the same website Cloned with GIT. The address is localhost/www.example.com

Drupal is installed, and always goes to localhost/ instead of localhost/www.example.com/

Is there a way to make a local 'redirect' from 'example' to 'localhost/www.example.com/'? A bit like localhost is handled in the hosts file...

Thanks in advance!

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mod_rewrite on apache can help you. you can write a rule to redirect localhost/example to localhost/www.example.com/

these links can get you started.

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After hours of looking for a sollution, I found an answer!

User virtualHosts http://cesaric.com/?p=255

Now 'http://example' is virtualhost for 'http://localhost/www.example.com/'

Very nice :)

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