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Which coding style is better?



String s = “100”;
int i;
i = s.toInteger();
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There is no such method as :- String#toInteger(). Did you even compile it? –  Rohit Jain Nov 24 '12 at 11:40

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The first one, because the second one doesn't exist.

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That's not a good question since the second one does not even compile.

But generally it's better to use Java API instead of writing your own code that does the same thing. Java API provides encapsulated methods which are probably without bugs and you may create a bug when writing your own code... (as you actually did)

And yes, the first one is the right one...

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String class doesn't have toInteger() method.
So you can only use Integer.parseInt("100");

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You can use

String s = "100";
i = Integer.valueOf(s);

Which internally calls parseInt() like:

parseInt(s, 10) // second arg is radix, default value is 10 
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