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I would like to extend the Java TreeSet to a Order-Statistics Tree. Therefore my idea was that i store the subtree sizes in every node and manipulate the add() and remove() methods s.t. the subtree size will be updated too.

I know that there are some data structures (also in Java) which already implement this, but my question is if it is possible to extend the TreeSet Class in a way, that this attribute is stored and updated, whenever I modify the data structure.

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What is an Order-Statistics tree? Are you sure the subSet() methods of TreeSet don't do what you want already (since these subsets have a size) – JB Nizet Nov 24 '12 at 13:20
A Order-Statistics tree includes the size of the subtree in every node. With this information it es easy (log n) to get the i.-th element of a Tree How computes subSet() the size? I think its just possible by iterate over all elements, so this would not be log n, therefore subSet() is no possibility. – user1816723 Nov 24 '12 at 16:21

If you look at the source code, a TreeSet has a

private transient NavigableMap<E,Object> m;

You are surely able to implement add, addAll, remove and such, but the methods of the TreeSet mostly just call the underlying Map, which is private, thus not accessible to your implementation. As it seems as though an Order-Statistic-Tree can have a different order than a normal TreeMap, this seems impossible to do by extending TreeSet.

Using another data structure

You should be able to base your data structure upon TreeMap, upon which TreeSet is allegedly based. It

provides guaranteed log(n) time cost for the containsKey, get, put and remove operations.

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