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I've got a problem with spring security ui plugin. I'm trying to add an email field to my SecUser class (which stores information about users). However there is no field "email" in Spring Security Management Console generated with s2ui-override. On the other hand, due to documentation this is avaible(link):

By default only the standard fields (username, enabled, accountExpired, accountLocked, and passwordExpired) are available but this is customizable with the grails s2ui-override script - see the section on configuration.

I try to use s2ui overide scripts but with no effect.
I think this is somethink simple but after hours I can't find solution myself. So if anyone know how to do this - please tell me ;)

At the and my user class:

class SecUser {

    transient springSecurityService

    String username
    String password
    String email
    boolean enabled
    boolean accountExpired
    boolean accountLocked
    boolean passwordExpired

    static constraints = {
        username blank: false, unique: true
        password blank: false
        email blank: false, email:true

    static mapping = {
        password column: '`password`'

    Set<SecRole> getAuthorities() {
        SecUserSecRole.findAllBySecUser(this).collect { it.secRole } as Set

    def beforeInsert() {

    def beforeUpdate() {
        if (isDirty('password')) {

    protected void encodePassword() {
        password = springSecurityService.encodePassword(password)

    public String toString(){
        return "User - "+username;
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I have the same question. It seems that the gsps have to be modified manually. –  Jinzhao Wu Dec 20 '12 at 5:06

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You can watch the source code from user/edit view:


        <s2ui:textFieldRow name='username' labelCode='user.username.label' bean="${user}"
                        labelCodeDefault='Username' value="${user?.username}"/>

        <s2ui:passwordFieldRow name='password' labelCode='user.password.label' bean="${user}"
                            labelCodeDefault='Password' value="${user?.password}"/>

        <s2ui:checkboxRow name='enabled' labelCode='user.enabled.label' bean="${user}"
                       labelCodeDefault='Enabled' value="${user?.enabled}"/>

        <s2ui:checkboxRow name='accountExpired' labelCode='user.accountExpired.label' bean="${user}"
                       labelCodeDefault='Account Expired' value="${user?.accountExpired}"/>

        <s2ui:checkboxRow name='accountLocked' labelCode='user.accountLocked.label' bean="${user}"
                       labelCodeDefault='Account Locked' value="${user?.accountLocked}"/>

        <s2ui:checkboxRow name='passwordExpired' labelCode='user.passwordExpired.label' bean="${user}"
                       labelCodeDefault='Password Expired' value="${user?.passwordExpired}"/>

There are not email field. You should to copy the edit.gsp and create.gsp files from source to grails-app/views/user/ and edit it pasting this code after username field:

    <s2ui:textFieldRow name='email' labelCode='user.email.label' bean="${user}"
                    labelCodeDefault='email' value="${user?.email}"/>

You must to create a spring-security-core-local.properties in grails-app/i18n/ path and to write the new property


And of course, you should to create the property email in the correct domain class.

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