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My THREE.js script runs fine when it is in a separate page with single div. When I put the same script in asp.net page with many divs, the collision part of the script does not work. It intersects array is always empty (myObjects is an array containing my loaded models)

var intersects = ray.intersectObjects( myObjects, true );

I am building the ray based on the height and width of the div containing the webgl renderer.

var vector = new THREE.Vector3( ( event.clientX / divWidth ) * 2 - 1, - ( event.clientY / divHeight ) * 2 + 1, 0.5 );

Any thoughts on this??

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Actually it is the vector that is causing the problem. The x and y values are almost completely different and unpredictable in the script in asp.net page i-e x is negative where it is supposed to be positive and same goes for y. –  ZedBee Nov 24 '12 at 13:37
This is very similar to your other question. Please see my answer stackoverflow.com/questions/13542175/… –  WestLangley Nov 24 '12 at 18:39

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