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I want to have a program that will be able to write to the file:

addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum]["channel"][serverChannel]["ip"]   

, but must ignore the characters "" in the text

My restult: Visual studio does not ignores characters "" in string and wants strings like IP etc.. thx for help

Sry for my english

There is my Program:

 string path = System.IO.Directory.GetCurrentDirectory()+ "logininfo.py";

    string[] lines = {
    "import serverInfo"
    , "serverNum=1"
    , "serverChannel=1"
    , "addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum]["channel"][serverChannel]["ip"]"};

System.IO.StreamWriter file = new System.IO.StreamWriter(path);


I almost forgot I want more lines, this program is trimmed

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You can escape those characters with a slash:

string[] lines = {
    " import serverInfo" ,
    "serverNum=1" ,
    "serverChannel=1" ,
    "addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum][\"channel\"][serverChannel][\"ip\"] "};

or use a @-quoted string and use "" instead of " like so:

string[] lines = {
    " import serverInfo" ,
    "serverNum=1" ,
    "serverChannel=1" ,
    @"addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum][""channel""][serverChannel][""ip""] "};
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You need to concatenate the strings:

"addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum][" + channel + "][serverChannel][" + ip + "]"};

Or if you wish for "channel" to be used as a string value, use single quotes:

"addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum]['channel'][serverChannel]['ip']"};
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I don´t want to use channel etc.. I want to write to file this line: addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum]["channel"][serverChannel]["ip"] –  user1849432 Nov 24 '12 at 12:48
@user1849432 I couldn't understand the question correctly. I've updated my answer, I believe you either need to escape the characters, or use single quotes so as not to confuse the script. –  Curt Nov 24 '12 at 12:50

Escape the special characters

"addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum][\"channel\"][serverChannel][\"ip\"]"
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