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I use Guava multimap to store data from a textfile. The textfile data format is like:

p1 10
p2 30
p3 40
p1 20
p2 50
p3 60

First column is the key and second is the value. I want to sort the score(value) from highest to lowest, but have no idea how to sort a multimap.. or is there a better storage to store that kind of data?

What other thing I thought is making two arraylist, one for name and another for scores, though

I don't know it is possible to link two lists.

list1 = {p1,p2,p3}
list2 = {10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60}

p1 index directing 10 and 20. Is this kind of thing possible?

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SortedMap< String, SortedSet< String >> map = new TreeMap<>(); If you want more tell me... –  Aubin Nov 24 '12 at 12:46

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You can try something like this:-

 public static ImmutableMultimap<Integer, MyObject> indexOnScore(Iterable<MyObject> i) {
  List<MyObject> sorted = Ordering.natural().onResultOf(myObjectToScore())
   return Multimaps.index(sorted, myObjectToScore());

Another option might be to create a TreeMultimap and use Ordering.arbitrary() as the Comparator for the values.

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