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Edit: Changed JellyBean to cyanogenmod 10 as it's probably a cyanogen feature

I noticed my phone under CyanogenMod10 phone displays in the call log the (approximate) location of callers (only when the number is a land line phone not in my contacts).

It doesn't just rely on the country code because it also displays the city of the caller when found. I browsed the Contacts package app and found values was fetched from database (in

final String countryIso = callCursor.getString(COUNTRY_ISO_COLUMN_INDEX);
final String geocode = callCursor.getString(GEOCODED_LOCATION_COLUMN_INDEX);

So I though it was in the Phone package app after successfully placing or receiving a call. But I quickly lost myself in the source... I would to know where and (briefly) how those values are set and the geocode resolved.

Are phone numbers sent to a mysterious web service?

Does Cyanogen have a table with all country codes and city prefixes of the world (I doubt it)?

Or is that DB downloaded depending on the country you are in?

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MIUI Roms had this feature long before Jelly Bean, but they didn't resolved down to the City. – S.D. Nov 24 '12 at 14:23
actually i am using cyanogenmod10 I wondered before asking if it wasn't a Cyanogen feature instead :/ I dont have a google phone to compare, maybe i should edit my question... – MiniScalope Nov 24 '12 at 15:02
Maybe its a Cyanogen feature. Use an app like this to pin down if telephony service or contacts app connects to any server for location details. – S.D. Nov 24 '12 at 15:14
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Finally I found how this thing work

First ContactsProvider add this value when calling DefaultCallLogInsertionHelper.addComputedValues

see here

public void addComputedValues(ContentValues values) {
    // Insert the current country code, so we know the country the number belongs to.
    String countryIso = getCurrentCountryIso();
    values.put(Calls.COUNTRY_ISO, countryIso);
    // Insert the geocoded location, so that we do not need to compute it on the fly.
            getGeocodedLocationFor(values.getAsString(Calls.NUMBER), countryIso));

so code you see

final String countryIso = callCursor.getString(COUNTRY_ISO_COLUMN_INDEX);
final String geocode = callCursor.getString(GEOCODED_LOCATION_COLUMN_INDEX);

is actually reading from saved data

So, real data are from PhoneNumberOfflineGeocoder which you can find here

That is something called libphonenumber

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Great!! Everyone seems to care of Privacy but no one spotted this feature as potentially intrusive. Thank you :) – MiniScalope Jul 18 '13 at 11:34

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