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Im writing JavaEE application, which contains of three modules. In web module I need to inject ejb bean (in Stripes action bean method), which is located in ejb module.

So i followed this tutorial

My code goes like this>

private CustomerServiceLocal customerService; //service layer for customer

and after deploying on GlassFish it returns following exception>

No EJB found in JNDI, tried the following names:
list of JNDI that it tried.

The bean is declared as follows>

public class CustomerService implements CustomerServiceLocal {


public interface CustomerServiceLocal 

I dont know what code could be relevant, so if I missed something just tell me what should I copied here.

So do you have any idea how to solve it ? How to set EJB Bean in different module in Stripes ActionBean method ?

It seems that stripes injection enricher is somehow wrongly configurated.

The problem is I need that service layer make work, since it is responsible for work with DB, and without it, I can just work with temporal local objects, which is useless.

Best regards,


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