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I have the following input elements:

<input id="AAA_RandomString_BBB" type="text" />
<input id="AAA_RandomString_BBB_Start" type="text" />
<input id="AAA_RandomString_BBB_End" type="text" />

AAA & BBB are constants and I will always know what they are. However RandomString will always be random.

I want to get the value of AAA_RandomString_BBB. I do not want the values from the input elements with ID ending in either _Start or _End.

I tried the folowing:


But the above selects all of the input elements that have an ID starting with "AAA_"

I need some way to select using a regex type syntax like:


Is this possible? If not, can anyone suggest a method of selecting

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You can combine both selectors in a multiple attribute selector.


It will return all the elements that matches all the specified attribute filters:

  • [id^=AAA_] matches elements with id attribute starting with AAA_, and
  • [id$=_BBB] matches elements with id attribute ending with _BBB.

Another generic alternatives:

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doesnt work anymore :( – Sasi varna kumar Jun 25 '15 at 16:02
@Sasivarnakumar, working as expected here ;) – Alexander Jul 6 '15 at 14:44

Use this:



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This can be done like so:

$('input').filter(function(){ return^AAA_.+_BBB$/) })

You can give use $('input', <context>) to make the search more precise. See also here

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You can look for id's starting with AAA and ending with BBB like this:


The working fiddle:

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I use to solve this with the class selectors which don't need to be unique.

This also has a positive effect on speed because no complex search is required Additionally you can use this for the different styling of different elements


<elem id="1" class="aa">element type aa</elem>
<elem id="2" class="aa">element type aa</elem>
<elem id="3" class="aa bb">element type aa and bb</elem>
<elem id="4" class="bb">element type bb</elem>

Now you can simply use the class selector

     console.log( 'clicked type aa #' + $(this).attr('id') );

     console.log( 'clicked type bb #' + $(this).attr('id') );
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It would be better to just check for the id ending on _BBB by

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