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I downloaded MapBox Me. User location doesn't show on the map. Property mapView.isUserLocationVisible is YES. mapView.showsUserLocation = YES. But I don't see blue circle or dot on the map. What should I do to make it visible?

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Without much more information (starting with the code you're using), it's impossible to know exactly why you are having trouble displaying the user's location on a map.

Simply setting the property Map.showsUserLocation is not enough to show the user's position.

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The current location (RMUserLocation) is an extension of RMAnnotation. If you want to show your location you'd put it on the map like any other notation.

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Setting mapView.showsUserLocation = YES will add the blue dot to the map automatically. If you want to center on the blue dot to move it on screen, you want mapView.userTrackingMode.

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I had the same issue for a second, but did see the RMUserLocation show up once GPS was available in the layerForAnnotation-method, but still not drawn on the map.

One possible cause is that you're trying to draw a marker for the user location.

Try adding this code:

- (RMMapLayer *)mapView:(RMMapView *)mapView layerForAnnotation:(RMAnnotation *)annotation
    //Show the user location
    if( [annotation isKindOfClass:[RMUserLocation class]] )
        return nil;
    .... run your own code

Solved it for me.

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