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I'm developing ASP.NET web application that will run on Windows Azure. In my local enviroment http address of application is

I want to use possibility of logging for user with hotmail account. To do that I had to register my application domain to be with hotmail services(be it www.application.com).

To do development hotmail docs suggest to bind domain address to my development machine local host address.(via altering hosts file and putting line www.application.com), that way each time on my machine it is referenced domain address of my application it gets redirected to localhost.

The problem I'm facing is that Azure by default uses port 81 so the localhost address of my application is and when I set IIS server to listen by default to that port, Azure changes that port. So two applications had to work on one port Azure local development enviroment and IIS.

Can any one point me to the solution ?

Regards Wojciech

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Have you looked at using the Access Control Service for Identity Federation? This should allow you to use live-id to authentication to your application If not - take a look at Using Access Control Service for Identity Federation and End-to-end authentication and authorisation scenario for MVC+ACS

I know that additional capabilities had been added and It's been a while since I looked at this (will probably spend some time on it again in a couple of weeks), but hopefully not too much had changed with the existing capabilities as described.

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Great! Thank you. –  user1701097 Nov 24 '12 at 18:28

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