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I have a rapidshare-ext gem, it depends on rapidshare gem. Have a gem entry in my Gemfile:

gem 'rapidshare-ext', '0.0.5'

In my Gemfile.lock I see the whole gem dependecies:

rapidshare (0.5.3)
  activesupport (~> 3.2.8)
  curb (~> 0.8.1)
  progressbar (~> 0.11.0)
  rake (~> 0.9.2)
rapidshare-ext (0.0.5)
  rapidshare (~> 0.5.3)
  rest-client (~> 1.6.7)

All works fine. Try to update gem version to 0.0.6:

gem 'rapidshare-ext', '0.0.6'

After I run bundle install the Gemfile.lock looks like:

rapidshare-ext (0.0.6)

All dependecies like rapidshare, rest-client are disappeared and gem became a non-working (require path missed). If I delete Gemfile.lock and then run bundle install again all will be fine. How can I fix this behaviour? bundle update rapidshare-ext gives the same result.

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Maybe something broken in the rubygems/bundlers dependency check API I replaced rubygems source with and everything went ok

source ""

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Shitirlic is right Bundler is broken check this out

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