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If I create a file test.vim with the below contents and run :so % then filereadable return true and foo, bar is appended to the file.

let lines = ["foo", "bar"]
let g:neobundle#log_filename=expand('~/.vim/plugin_install.log')
if filereadable(g:neobundle#log_filename)
  let lines = readfile(g:neobundle#log_filename) + lines
call writefile(lines, g:neobundle#log_filename)

But if I run the exact same code from neobundle.vim (code highlighted here) then filereadable return false and the file is overwritten. Even if I chmod 777 the file.

What could be causing this change in behavior of filereadable and how can I fix it?

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The log of neobundle is cleared before installing. (code is here)

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Thanks! I opened a pull request to make that clearing of the log file optional github.com/Shougo/neobundle.vim/pull/47 –  Steve McKinney Nov 27 '12 at 17:03

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