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I am experimenting with the Rhino java engine, which I want to embed in a project of mine. I made a Scriptable object scope which defines the global functions print, printLine, log, logLine in JavaScript. I can pull all data printed and logged by these functions by calling pullOutput, which returns a pair of all printed Output and logged Output. I have tested these functions and everything works as expected, but one thing.

When I give as argument for my log functions a new line, the string doesn't contain a new line char but just "\n". For example the following code:

    Context context;
    try {
        context = Context.enter();
        TemplateScope scope = TemplateScope.init(context);
        context.evaluateString(scope, "log(\"test\" + \"\\n\");", "test source", 1, null);
        Pair<String, String> result = scope.pullOutput();
        System.out.println("log is: " + result.b);
    } finally {


    out is: 
    log is: test\n

Which is obviously not what I am expecting.

The complete code is here:


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Already fixed it. Another library overwrote my own rhino version with an old version and introduced this bug.

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