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I am new to sharepoint. I have to deploy an application from one server to another server (Test Server). Now I am using solution package to deploy the application. I have one problem in Deploying. In the web.config of the application there are entries like appsetting entries, safe control entries, endpoint entries for our own services and lot others. Currently I am doing it manually. Only safe control entries are updated in web.config file through manifest.xml, but I don't know how to update for other entries. Please help me on this problem.

I have one more problem too. I have to make something like click once deployment. How can I do it? Can I deploy the application with changed web.config like an installer?

Thanks in advance.

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Belong at serverfault.com –  Rushyo Aug 30 '09 at 16:52

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If you don't have any programmatic control over your codebase, then Rushyo is correct -- you'd probably have better luck with your questions over on serverfault. The rest of this answer assumes that you are more of a developer and have access to make code changes.

SharePoint includes the SPWebConfigModification type to support the type of web.config changes that you'd like to make, and this type is typically employed during Feature activation and deactivation using a FeatureReceiver. Refer to this stackoverflow post, as it includes some additional qualifying information and a handful of links from Alex Angas, Colin Dekker, and me:


As for a ClinkOnce-style deployment: I don't think you're going to be able to make things quite that simple for solution package installation. You can get pretty close, though, with a solution that Lars Fastrup (one of the SharePoint regulars here on stackoverflow) put together and placed out on CodePlex. His solution allows you to place an installer wrapper around a solution package (WSP), and the installer takes care of things like dependency checking for you. See http://sharepointinstaller.codeplex.com

I hope this helps!

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Alternatively have a look at this tool

It'll allow you to make modifications to web.config through an stsadm command (no code needed). I use it in deploy scripts for my clients.

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