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My mate's website got redesigned and the webdevelopers changed also the URL structure ( I reckon its cos the website is build that way...) and we have pages like that now: http://optykbrilliant.pl/index.php/aktualnosci

and what really worries me is this bit .../index.php/...which is used across the whole site...

Normally people have it only on the home page and put rel ='canonical' on it and have the duplicate content issues sorted out...Obviously here the content isn't duplicated across the whole website but only on home page when we have these 2 versions:



but my question is if I place rel canonical on http://www.optykbrilliant.pl/index.php/ would it affect any other pages which contain http://www.optykbrilliant.pl/index.php/.. and another parameter here (I mean placed after /index.php/....)?

Or it wont affect any other page but will apply only to optykbrilliant.pl/index.php/?

Thanks for your opinion on that.

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The canonical tag is definitive, not catch all. So if you place a canonical on


It will only effect that page

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