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I now want to make some interface improvement for ASP.NET project. Example:

Show a Loading message with loading image GIF when Page_Load(), after Button_Click, while GridView update,...

I use loading element (HTML/CSS + jQuery) here: enter link description here


protected void Page_Load(object sender)
//code to show up element...
//code do something: check db connection, check cookie, check session,...
//code to hide loading element...

My problem is I never use AjaxToolkit before so I don't know how to use UpdatePanel, UpdateProcess to show up the loading element above ?

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Good example here:

ajax "loading" icon with UpdatePanel postbacks

Just insert the loading element between <ProgressTemplate> ... </ProgressTemplate>

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: It works perfect on Button_Click() event. How I call it on Page_Load() event ?

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