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helo everyone

Today in firefox while sufring the internet, i opened a website it asked "This site may harm your computer" if you want to open this website add it in exception list. i added a website under exception list and trust this website.

After that situation, whenever i opend this website, it always points toward the localhost untill internet connected.I have sepup localhost through apache(xampp server).

If internet not connected this website donot open anything but localhost still work as usaual.

Plz suggest me methods to remove this situation so that this website donot point to locat host.

i am using winxp sp3 . same problem now appear in all browsers too.

thanks in advance

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It's really not clear what you're asking, but it sounds like maybe you're having DNS problems? Can you be more clear and indicate more specific information about what's wrong? It's also highly likely that this is off-topic for Stack Overflow and may belong on another Stack Exchange site. –  David Nov 24 '12 at 16:00

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