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I create a grid as follows

Grid grid = new Grid(5,8);
Element e = grid.getCellFormatter().getElement(0, 2);
e.setAttribute("colspan", "2");

The spanning is working but I end up with an extra header on the left.

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I recommend using the GWT designer and trying a Flextable instead of a Grid –  fernandohur Nov 24 '12 at 18:34

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You can always use this if you are using Grid.

Element e = grid.getCellFormatter().getElement(0, 2);
e.setPropertyInt("colSpan", 2);

But I advice you to use FlexTable instead of Grid. You can access FlexCellFormatter for these type of issues or create your own CellFormatter by extending the default and play with DOM attributes.

If you use GWT 2.5, you can use a customized CellTableBuilder to add your Main Title header line.

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