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I'm using the Yii framework. I want to show specific content if a user did not select their location.

So, I am using the following code to show content if no state is selected:

    <?php if ($state == NULL) { ?>

And I am using the following code if no city is selected:

    <?php if ($city == NULL) { ?>

And they are working perfectly, but how can I combine those two statements so that I can show content if they have no state, AND, no city selected?

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You could have at least tried using google, very basic. –  Rick Kuipers Nov 24 '12 at 16:55

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<?php if ($city == NULL && $state == NULL) { ?> I suggest that you read about operators in PHP. Also worth reading is the PHP symbol reference FAQ of SO.

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Thanks! you're awesome –  cp11 Nov 25 '12 at 21:45

There are four different cases:

  • both statements are true
  • the first is true
  • the second is true
  • none are true
if($state == NULL && $city == NULL) {
    // both are true
else if($state == NULL) {

else if{$city == NULL) {

   // neither is true, i.e. both are selected

The order in which they are listed is important: You must check for the case that both conditions are true first!

For more information, see the PHP documentation on logical operators: AND, OR, XOR, NOT.

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if ($city == NULL && $state == NULL)

Logical Connective

The && means AND || would be OR

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