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I tried to ask this question late lastnight but I was so sleepy i typed the question completely wrong. I'm looking to float my navigation to the right of its current position around 200px more, there is room but it wont move over.

You can view the live code here - www.xronn.co.uk/hosting

and here is an image to explain my issue a little more


purple lines the 960px width of the site blue line shows the space free for the navigation to go and the red arrows of course shows which direction i want the navigation to go in (the right)

Anyone got any clue why when I push to more to the right, the list starts to sit under each other

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Change the html mark-up to look like that:

<div class="nine columns">..logo</div>
<div class="seven columns">..navigation</div>

this will require no further adjustment and will keep it responsive.

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thanks worked like a charm –  user1745014 Nov 24 '12 at 17:14

If you can give <div class="seven columns" style="float: right;"> the holder, it moves to the right.

I used firebug, but you have to test it.

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ah, I see you beat me to it :( –  Nikola Nov 24 '12 at 17:03

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