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in advance I want to appreciate any answer and suggestion on this problem,

I am am working on a GPS tracker module (Model: m528), It's poorly documented so I dont have any paper on the data format which it sends,

I have my own server that listens to a special port and gets the data packets sent by the module,

I know the position of the latitude and longitude in the received packets, each of them have 4 bytes without N, W, S, E indicators,

this are the examples which I think would help,

stored latitude data in hex: 03447535 latitude value: 34.79225

stored longitude data in hex: 04830690 longitude value: 48.51150

any help and suggestion would be appreciated, thanks every one

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Where do you need help? I am guessing:Converting decimal to lat/long? 03447535 hex is 54818101 in base 10. How did you get 34.79...? Are you using state plane coordinates? –  jim mcnamara Nov 24 '12 at 16:58
hi mojtaba, how are you setting the module to send the data to your server? can you give me some references as to understand how to program gps trackers? –  aaRBiyecH Apr 7 at 5:50

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it's easy to convert, first you separate 3 decimal places, that would be degrees:

03447535 -> 034 degrees

then you take the rest and divide by 60000:

47535 / 60000 = 0.79225

finally you add 34 degrees and the result:


same with the other number:

04830690 -> 48 degrees + 30690 / 60000 = 48.5115
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thanks, it's done, :) very nice answer –  mojtaba zangeneh Nov 24 '12 at 17:08

What you have there doesn't seem to be any hex representation. It seems to be degrees/minutes: 03447535 = 34°47.535' = 34.79225 decimal...

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