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I'm building a Rails app backed by mongodb using mongoid.

It's a one page app, with a HTML table, every field for every row of which, needs to be editable without refreshing the page.

This is your usual Rails view ( like many in rails casts ) showing a table with rows and columns containing data.

For example. I'm showing cars, and showing their make, model and notes

They way I'm doing this is by appending _id of a mongo document to every column and marking it's field name in html id too. Then I pick up the value for $("#id") and send it to rails controller via AJAX and run @car.update_attributes method accordingly.

Currently, one of my rows looks like this.

       <td id=<%= %>_make>
       <%= car.make %>

       <td id=<%= %>_model>
       <%= car.model %> 

       <td id=<%= %>_notes>
       <%= car.notes %>

     // my function which is called onChange for every column
     function update_attributes(id){
        var id = id.split[0];
        var attribute = id.split[1];
        $.ajax("sending id and attribute to rails controller");

Is there any built it Rails magic which would let me update only a field in a model without refreshing the page?


Is there a Rails plugin for this?

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Also there is gem called rest_in_place which is specially made for this purpose. You will need to do very little configuration to perform in place editing. Your controller just needs to have all the restfull methods.

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For what you're describing (a one-page ajax centric app), I strongly recommend using backbone.js. You could alternatively accomplish this by other simpler gems (or even manually writing jquery ajax), but I find you quickly become disorganized in an ajax-centric app. One of the biggest upsides of backbone.js is how well it keeps your ajax code organized. Try using the backbone-rails gem which can have you up and running in a few minutes with the help of excellent built-in scaffolding.

To more directly answer your question, ajax is not "built-in" to rails in the sense you're looking for it, but there are gems that can help you do this more easily (such as the backbone-rails).

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