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Well, my question is a bit silly, but I've tried lots of different thing without result.

I have a ComboBox in my main form and I want to point its data source to the public readonly List PriceChanges list declared in the Filters class. No problem with that but I want to list the Description field.

I tried to assign the "Description" string to the DisplayMember attribute without success. My ComboBox only lists: "BusinessLogic.PriceChange" for each entry, where BusinessLogic is the name of my Namespace and PriceChange the class.

I appreciate any help.


That's part of the code of my main form

    public mainFrm()

        prodFilter = new Filters();
        cbPriceChanges.DataSource = prodFilter.PriceChanges;
        cbPriceChanges.DisplayMember = "Description"

That's is part of the code that declares the List object

public enum PriceChangeTypes

public class PriceChange
    public String Description;
    public readonly PriceChangeTypes Type;

    public delegate bool ComparisonFuntionDelegate(Decimal a);
    public readonly ComparisonFuntionDelegate ComparisonFunction;

    public PriceChange(String Description, PriceChangeTypes type , ComparisonFuntionDelegate CompFunc)
        this.Description = Description;
        Type = type;
        ComparisonFunction = CompFunc;

public class Filters

    public readonly List<PriceChange> PriceChanges = null;

    public Filters()
        PriceChanges = new List<PriceChange>();

        PriceChanges.Add(new PriceChange("No Change", PriceChangeTypes.No_Change, PriceChange => PriceChange == 0));
        PriceChanges.Add(new PriceChange("Increased", PriceChangeTypes.Increased, PriceChange => PriceChange > 0));
        PriceChanges.Add(new PriceChange("Decreased", PriceChangeTypes.Decreased, PriceChange => PriceChange < 0));
        PriceChanges.Add(new PriceChange("All", PriceChangeTypes.All, a => true));
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Description, Type, ComparisonFuntionDelegate, and ComparisonFunction should really be private or made into properties. –  Robert Venables Aug 30 '09 at 17:24

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Have you tried making "Description" a property? It will change a lot in case the list tries to get the field through reflection (as it most likely does).

public class PriceChange {
    public string Description{
    // ...
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Perfect, that's it, I think I need to deep my skills on how this thing behave internally. Cheers mate –  Andres Aug 30 '09 at 17:30
Glad it helped :) –  Paolo Tedesco Aug 30 '09 at 19:44

Try adding this to your class :

public override string ToString()
            return Description;

Currently you're just getting the default value of ToString, which is the object namespace and class

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