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I'm trying to create 2 arrays from a JSON feed, and then calculate the average value of both. First, the way I will the arrays is like this:

$.getJSON('jasonfile.json', function(rawdata) {
  var array_one = [];
  var array_two = [];

  $.each(rawdata, function(i, entry) {
    if(entry["geslacht"] == "Man") {
    else {

This works fine, except when I look into my console array_one seems to be somekind of array of objects, and `array_two seems to be a normal array. Thus when I try to calculate the average of the two like so:

var array_one_total = 0;
$.each(array_one, function() {
  array_one_total += this;

array_one_average = array_one_total/array_one.length;

I get a right and a wrong value. array_one logs "NaN" like this in my console, while array_two displays the correct average:

Javascript weird result in console

It seems to be a problem with the format of the array, but I can't understand why is returns the second value correct, as I'm using the same method for both of them.

Here's in image of what happens if I log both arrays directly to the console, and you can see the different ways they are displayed:

console log

Well I got a lot of responses asking for my entire code, the number of arrays make it harder to read but here it is:

$.getJSON('propedeuse201112.json', function(rawdata) {
  var ucd_male = [];
  var ucd_female = [];
  var internetstandaarden_male = [];
  var internetstandaarden_female = [];
  var understanding_design_male = [];
  var understanding_design_female = [];
  var taal_in_context_male = [];
  var taal_in_context_female = [];
  var vormgeving_male = [];
  var vormgeving_female = [];
  var marketing_male = [];
  var marketing_female = [];
  var h_en_c_male = [];
  var h_en_c_female = [];
  var programmeren_male = [];
  var programmeren_female = [];
  var m_en_i_male = [];
  var m_en_i_female = [];
  var mediageschiedenis_male = [];
  var mediageschiedenis_female = [];
  var business_mapping_male = [];
  var business_mapping_female = [];
  var plug_and_play_male = [];
  var plug_and_play_female = [];
  var slc_male = [];
  var slc_female = [];

  $.each(rawdata, function(i, entry) {
    if(entry["geslacht"] == "Man") {
      understanding_design_male.push(entry["understanding design"]);
      taal_in_context_male.push(entry["Taal in context"]);
      business_mapping_male.push(entry["Business Mapping"]);
      plug_and_play_male.push(entry["Plug & Play"]);
    } else {
      understanding_design_female.push(entry["understanding design"]);
      taal_in_context_female.push(entry["Taal in context"]);
      business_mapping_female.push(entry["Business Mapping"]);
      plug_and_play_female.push(entry["Plug & Play"]);


  var ucd_male_total = 0;
  $.each(ucd_male, function(index,item) {
    ucd_male_total += parseInt(item);
  ucd_male_average = ucd_male_total/ucd_male.length;

  var ucd_female_total = 0;
  $.each(ucd_female, function(index,item) {
    ucd_female_total += parseInt(item);
  ucd_female_average = ucd_female_total/ucd_female.length;



Below the structure of rawdata (this is one entry):

[{"id":1,"geslacht":"Vrouw","totaal punten":60,"project      1":9,"ucd":6,"internetstandaarden":7,"understanding design":7,"Teamproject deel 1":6,"Taal in context":6,"Vormgeving":7,"Marketing":6,"Students in Motion":7,"Teamproject deel 2":7,"H&C":6,"Programmeren":7,"M&I":7,"Project 3":6,"Mediageschiedenis":6,"Business Mapping":7,"Plug & Play":7,"SLC":7,"Studieregie":8,"plaats":"JOPPE","geboortejaar":1990,"vooropleiding":"HAVO","vooropleiding afgerond in":2009},
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can you please post the content of rawdata – Ankur Nov 24 '12 at 17:43
and also is it a typo or are you pushing the value to array_one both time? – Ankur Nov 24 '12 at 17:45
Did you think array_one is an object because of [0 - 99], etc? That's just Chrome's way of visualizing arrays with lots of elements. – Felix Kling Nov 24 '12 at 17:50
We need your entire code (including the console.log lines) and the content of rawdata – Magus Nov 24 '12 at 23:44
done ;) thanks for your help in advance! – Stefan Hagen Nov 25 '12 at 12:24
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You have several critical typos in your code

 $.each(rawdata, function(i, entry) {
    if(entry["geslacht"] == "Man") {
    else {
      array_one.push(entry["key"]); /* <===== should be array_two*/

var array_one_total = 0;
$.each(array_one, function() {
  array_one += this;/* <===== should be array_one_total*/
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Sorrym charliefl, I got them mixed up im my question, but right in my code, so I edited my question! – Stefan Hagen Nov 24 '12 at 18:34

It's looks like your code contains some typo problem.

var array_one_total = 0;
$.each(array_one, function() {
  array_one += this;

It just can't works. I think you wanted to do that :

var array_one_total = 0;
$.each(array_one, function(index, value) {
  array_one_total += value;

And you talks about an array_two but i see only one code line about this array_two. So i don't get how array_twocan contains anything.

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Sorry Magnus, I got them mixed up im my question, but right in my code, so I edited my question! – Stefan Hagen Nov 24 '12 at 18:35

it seems problem is with this. try following instead.

$.each(array_one, function(index,item) {
     array_one += parseInt(item);

also check to see if array_one is NAN before division.

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The items in the array seem to be numbers... no need for parseIn. The problem seems more to be with overriding array_one, which you do as well. – Felix Kling Nov 24 '12 at 17:52
yes you are right! – Behnam Esmaili Nov 24 '12 at 17:53

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