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I have a form open in Struts2 jquery dialog box. When users submit this form, i want to show the Server Side error message (eg. Username exist,Please choose another) on this same open dialoguebox itself .

How can i do this? Any hint or suggestion! Please share.

index.jsp (on click of a button the below form will open)

 <s:form action="testError" id="form3" theme="simple"/> 
     <s:textfield name="quantity" value="1""/>
 <sj:submit formId="form3" value="true"/>`

public String execute()
     addActionError("Error message is blah blah");
      return ERROR;


<action name="testError" class="com.Action">  
 <result name="error">index.jsp</result> 
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try this:

<s:if test="hasErrors()">
    <sj:dialog title="error message">
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