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I would like to insert proxies using textfield as insert for the proxies. Right now i have a GUI its working with 1 proxie but i would like to insert a list of proxies into a textfield, is this possible????

Code im using this as input:

       -text    => "proxy:80",
       -name    => "Textfield_5",
       -multiline => 1,
       -left    => 20,
       -top     => 139,
       -width   => 150,
       -height  => 125,

my $ip = $Win->Textfield_5->Text;

$agent->proxy([qw(http https)] => "http://$ip");

now i would like put a list of proxies in the textfield per sentance like this : proxy:80 proxy:8080 etc.etc.etc.

Is this possible?? Im a beginner in coding

Hope i can get some help:)

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Is this a question about the Win32::GUI module? –  Borodin Nov 24 '12 at 18:46
yes sorry forgot to mention that –  user1796805 Nov 24 '12 at 19:18

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