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i was browsing when suddenly my internet connection got disconnected. when it resumed the page that was reloading then stopped loading and i got a blank page with the text "swappedout://" in the addressbar and the title bar of the browser. can someone explain the reason? thanks in advance

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Happened to me just now and before. I rarely encounter this but somehow its related to the following:

  • when your IP address got changed
  • you release/renew IP

Its nothing to be alarmed of I think. Just refresh the page.

Some links related to this swappedout thing: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=143445

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-1 My IP didn't change. It's something with the memory I'd say, but I don't know what. –  Luc Dec 31 '12 at 23:56
Hey Luc, Happy new year. Are you 100% sure your IP didnt changed? I'm talking about "Public IP" not your local network IP address. and is that -1 really necessary just for that? –  fedmich Jan 1 '13 at 0:03
HNY to you too! And I -1'd because it was incorrect, for me at least. It costs you 2 rep, come on :P I checked both my internal and external IP for any changes. –  Luc Jan 1 '13 at 0:06
Just saying, in my case the IP didn't change (neither the local one nor the router's one). I clicked the "repair connection" thing on a Windows XP machine. –  Camilo Martin Feb 11 '13 at 15:01
yeah -1 was a bit harsh –  Chris Oct 21 '13 at 1:35

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