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Where can i specify or see the number of cores in MPI programm in C. In other words I improved a programm written in c (MPI fox algorithm) which runs for 2 cores but actually I want to change it in order to run for 4 cores... The program uses cartesian topology.

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Did you hardcode the algorithm to only work for 2 cores? If not, you specify the number of cores when you run the program with mpirun or mpiexec. But it's not at all clear what you are asking. – tpg2114 Nov 24 '12 at 20:35

You specify the desired number of proceses to the SPMD/MPMD launcher mpiexec (or mpirun), usually as

mpiexec -n <# of processes> <other options> ./executable <arguments>

Then you can find out the number of MPI processes launched by querying for the size of the world communicator:

int nprocs;
MPI_Comm_size(MPI_COMM_WOLRD, &nprocs);
printf("There are %d processes running in this MPI program\n", nprocs);

If the program is also a hybrid MPI+OpenMP code, then the number of threads in each process could be controlled by setting the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable, unless the number is overridden in the code by a call to omp_set_num_threads() or with explicit num_threads clauses applied to the parallel regions.

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When I run my program with 4 processors (mpiexec -n 4 ./test), it works properly but when I try to run it with less or more than 4 processors the program displays the following message: Fatal error in PMPI_Comm_rank: Invalid commucicator, error stack, PMPI Comm_rank(109) ... PMPI Comm_rank(66) : Null comunicator – was Nov 25 '12 at 12:35
This often happens when the code is not written as to handle cases where the number of processes is larger. In this case a communicator handle is not initialised properly in all processes. May be it has the Cartesian topology hardcoded to be a 2x1 one, in which case the Cartesian communicator handle would be returned as MPI_COMM_NULL in half of the processes. – Hristo Iliev Nov 25 '12 at 12:43

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