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Does anyone know how to incorporate the iPhone's (and iTunes) pagination dots into a web page?

The web page I'm working is for the iPhone, but is not a native app, just an iPhone optimized web site.

I figured out how to do horizantale finger scrolling - major headache - but not the client is asking for some pagination to display as the user thumbs through a horizantle list of thumbnails.

How does the page (or javascript) detect which thumbnails are on the page?

Can the page (or javascript) detect individiual thubnails and swap out the corresponding "on state" for the correct circle in the pagination? That is, I'd like each product thumbnail to correspond to a specific circle in the pagination rather than each circle corresponding to an array of product thumbnails.

Please help!!! (in advance... "you're awesome!!")

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Those page dots are a UIPageControl. You need to use a UIScrollView to hold the pages and update the UIPageControl in the scroll view's scrollViewDidEndDecelerating: delegate method.

Google these terms and you'll find examples of how this is done.

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Posted said "not a native app, just an iPhone optimized web site". You're referring to Cocoa controls, which aren't available to web pages, right? – Jeremy Dunck Feb 4 '10 at 20:26
My mistake. Sorry -- I must have been tired at the time. – Matt Gallagher Feb 5 '10 at 23:52

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