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public Form1()

            // The application key of the Facebook application used
            fbService.ApplicationKey = "XXXXXXXXXXX";

            // Add all needed permissions
            List<Enums.ExtendedPermissions> perms = new List<Enums.ExtendedPermissions>
            fbService.ConnectToFacebook(perms);   //error here (The given key was not present in the dictionary.)         

I mention the error where I get the error , as am new to facebook api and specially new to c# any explained answer is appriciated Thank you

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Are you using the Facebook C# SDK? This code doesn't look familiar. – Nathan Totten Mar 18 '13 at 1:45

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Use the static method on FacebookClient like this:

FacebookClient.SetDefaultHttpWebRequestFactory(uri => {
    var request = new HttpWebRequestWrapper((HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(uri));
    request.Proxy = ......; // normal .net IWebProxy
    return request;

See this answer also: Facebook SDK Proxy setting C#

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