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I am trying to figure out how I can play an MP3 file that is bundled as part of my application, i.e I don't want to use the file picker to select the file I want to play, the file will be in my project. So every time I press a button I want the file to play automatically, I don't need any play/pause/stop controls, how do i achieve this?

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Doesn't WMPLib work? You can specify the URL for the player without user interaction. –  ChrisF Nov 24 '12 at 22:18
That doesnt seem to work in a metro app, anyway i figured it out will post the solution bellow. –  mbwasi Nov 25 '12 at 3:29

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I did it like this. Added the wav into my project, dragged a MediaElement control onto my XAML page.

<MediaElement x:Name="playSound" Source="Assets/mysound.wav" AutoPlay="False" Height="0" Width="0"  />

Then in the code behind on the event handler that I want to play on

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