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I'm extending an open source project. After including afxcoll.h in a new C++ file in order to use CStringArray, I get this error:

Error: MFC projects cannot define _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS

I suspect I'll be able to fix the error by adding #defines or changing or rearranging the inclusion of headers, or, if that's not possible, using something other than CStringArray. What are your suggestions?

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You could use CAtlArray<CString> instead of CStringArray, as this is compatible with _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS. The ATL collection classes are documented here. I normally prefer to use C++ standard library classes such as std::vector instead of the MFC container classes, though.

I'd suggest investigating why _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS is defined in this project and whether it can be removed.

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answer chosen for your suggestion of using CAtlArray – Brian Aug 31 '09 at 1:51

how about ... not defining _ATL_NO_EXCEPTIONS like the error says?

(Ooops thats a question as an answer).

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