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Input: Month name (January / February / ... / December)

Output: Season (Winter / Spring / Summer / Autumn)

Winter: Dec - Feb

Spring: Mar - May

Summer: Jun - Aug

Autumn: Sept - Nov

I have tried:

Program Months;


  writeln('Insert month name:');

  if Month = 'March' or Month = 'April' or Month = 'May' then

    writeln(Month,' is Spring month');



But this program is not working.

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Not working is a terribly poor description of the actual problem. And this is the second question where you did this. You are risking downvotes with it. Next time: What was the error, on what line, what have you tried? Note also that this basically the same question as the last one, both missed parenthesis in if statement –  Marco van de Voort Nov 25 '12 at 12:45

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Operator precedence - it's important. You need to write:

if (Month = 'March') or (Month = 'April') or (Month = 'May') then

This is because in Pascal, or has a higher priority than = so what is actually being evaluated is:

if ((Month = ('March' or Month)) = ('April' or Month)) = 'May' then

Which is obviously meaningless and will not compile (I might've made a mistake on the line above but it's the general idea). Please refer to this link to learn more about operator precedence in Pascal.

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