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How can you find files by the following regex?


The solution may be in the commands: find, perl, ls

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in file name or in content? –  Michael Krelin - hacker Aug 30 '09 at 19:22
If you already know what commands would do this for you, why aren't you reading their manpages? I think you pasted this question wholesale out of your homework, and you can't even be bothered to read the question. –  Ether Aug 30 '09 at 22:55
@Sinan, perhaps anon's professors give good homework questions? –  daotoad Aug 31 '09 at 7:46

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If it's about filename, like Greg thinks, then I'd suggest

find . -type f -not -name \*.\*

command instead.

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perl -MFile::Find -le 'find sub { print if -f and /[^.]/ }, "."'

This will look in the current directory and all subdirectories for files that don't have a period in them.

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ls | grep -v \\.

You may have to be more specific in stating your question if this doesn't satisfy your requirements.

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That will find directory names as well. –  Chas. Owens Aug 30 '09 at 19:29