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I have 2 objects Weeklyactivity and Weeklyfood. Weeklyactivity has property called food_id. and Weeklyfood has 7 properties called mon, tue, ..., sun.

When the user click update weekly food, the action method retrieves daily activity for a given week. It also retrieve all the weeklyfood object, which contains the id of food ate by the user every day of that week.

Weeklyactivities = Weeklyactivity.where(:week => wk)
@weeklyfood = Weeklyfood.New(forms[:weeklyfood])

Now I'd like to iterate over weeklyfood and transfert its data, which contains the id of the food the user ate each day of the week.

I don't know if this is the right way to do it or even if there is a compact way of writing this code.

Weeklyactivities[:day => 'mon'].food_id = @weeklyfood[:mon]
Weeklyactivities[:day => 'tue'].food_id = @weeklyfood[:tue]
//and son ...


I'm getting the following error: "can't convert Hash into Integer..."

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Not sure I understand the question.

You have a model Weeklyactivity that has attributes week and day (and others)?

And according to your code example you have already created rows in the database for all days in a week for Weeklyactivity?

Now you want to update these rows from a form?

In that case I have this suggestion:

@weeklyfood = Weeklyfood.New(forms[:weeklyfood])
Weeklyactivity.where(:week => wk).each do |weekly_activity|
  if food_id = @weeklyfood[]
    weekly_activity.food_id = food_id
      # do stuff if not successful

And I think your objects Weeklyactivity and Weeklyfood should be named WeeklyActivity and WeeklyFood with tables respectively weekly_activities and weekly_foods

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I not only solved the problem, I also learned a lot. Thanks very much. – Richard77 Nov 25 '12 at 3:53
You're welcome, I think also that you can use the little shorter @weeklyfood[] instead of @weeklyfood[], but I wanted to be sure that it should work. – 244an Nov 25 '12 at 17:34

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