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Is it possible to clean and build a java project in Eclipse with one click? I don't want to go to Project -> clean -> OK and than to project menu 'Build project'

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If you need something more powerful than clean and deploy, I suggest to learn Ant build tool. http://ant.apache.org/

Just configure it for your project and prepare the build script, than configure the build script for the clean and build target. If you need, also to deploy it on your server (glassfish, weblogic or whatever you want). With Ant you can configure more situation (test, production..)

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When you have

Project --> Build Automatically

checked, it will be automatically rebuilt after cleaning it.

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but it also rebuilts after every Ctrl + S –  Ukrainian guy Nov 28 '12 at 11:30
without cleaning, and only the saved file. –  jlordo Nov 28 '12 at 11:33

I have own solution.

In Project->Clean I select "Clean projects selected below", select my project(s) and check "Start a build immediately" with "Build only selected projects".

Then go to Window->Preferences->General->Keys, search "Build clean" and enter my own binding for this command. For example, Ctrl + D.

Then, when I press Ctrl + D and Enter I have clean and build)))

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