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I've found that Rails allows for generic i18n of submit buttons via the following in config/locales/en.yml:

      create: "Create %{model}"
      submit: "Save %{model}"
      update: "Update %{model}"

However, I'm looking to update the create value only for one specific model. I'd like the text to read as "Upload %{model}" or just "Upload". How can I make this change for just one model (e.g.: a Photo model)?

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From the source code, it looks like you should be able to do this:

        create: "Upload %{model}"

where post is the name of your model. The inline docs also mention that you can do this.

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Awesome, thanks for finding this! –  Matt Huggins Nov 25 '12 at 14:02

If you use the i18n-debug gem, the rails server will print translations look-up attempts to the console, like:

[i18n-debug] en.helpers.submit.post.create => nil
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