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I'm using NSPredicateEditor in my project. One of my rows has 2 popup buttons and a text field on the right. If I have something typed in the text field, when I select a different menu item from either of the popup buttons then the text in the text field is deleted. That seems to be the default behavior and I don't want that text deleted. I've tried everything I can think of and can't seem to handle this. Any ideas how to change this behavior?

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You could save the data by using NSUserDefault it will save and load the data (It won't delete your data unless the user does).

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That's a good thought however with NSPredicateEditor you use these things called row templates. You can have multiple rows in the NSPredicateEditor for one row template. As such I do not see how to link the text fields stringValue to a user default. Plus you can't really get the text field from the row template as it's being created, so I can't even programmatically get at the text field... I don't even know which row is making the changes. If you have a concrete example using the NSPredicateEditor please show it because I can't think of a way to do as you're suggesting. –  regulus6633 Nov 25 '12 at 3:36

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