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I want to make a local iis express site reachable over the internet for testing purposes. Setting up Paypal on the site and I want paypal to be able to reach the dev site running on my pc.

If i telnet to my PC from another computer using the port that the iis express site is running on, it connects ok.

However, when i try to reach the site using a browser, the browser just sits indefinitely.

To eliminate variables, i've tried turning off windows firewall. I've also enabled the DMZ option on the router and pointed it to my PC. I can only pull up the site from a telnet connection. Browser still just sits indefinitely waiting.

Any ideas whats going wrong here? Why can i connect via telnet but not through a browser?

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Try changing the port that IIS express listens on. Some ISPs block port 80 to discourage the hosting of web servers. Make sure to add the port to your URL http://yourdomain.com:8080/path.

This could explain why telnet works (port 23 by default) and your web server (port 80 by default) is not working. I had this same issue with an ISP I was using several years ago. Changing the port should allow you to workaround this limitation.

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port is not the issue. When i telnet, i telnet to the port that the site is running under, thats how i know i can connect to it. For example, say my ip is 111.222.333.444 and the port is 6789, i would do telnet 111.222.333.444 6789 and i would get connected to the site. But using 111.222.333.444:6789 in the browser just results in the browser spinning it's wheels waiting for a response. – merk Nov 25 '12 at 5:34
one note - it's definitely got something to do with my router. I just connected my PC directly to the cable modem and I'm able to pull the site up in a browser now. I followed the directions in this article johan.driessen.se/posts/… to get the site up. Basically all i changed after removing my router was to add the IP address i got from the cable modem – merk Nov 25 '12 at 5:46

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