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What are some best practices of theming/skinning an iOS app?


  • Using custom images as screen backgrounds.
  • Modifying the look of UITableView tables.
  • Buttons with a custom look.

Links to good tutorials are a plus.

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Can you be more specific? –  Alex Wayne Nov 25 '12 at 2:57
See updated post –  Tom Söderlund Nov 25 '12 at 3:04

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You can create a protocol that defines methods to return theme-specific colors, images, etc. All classes that conform to this protocol have to implement these methods.

@protocol MyCustomThemes <NSObject>
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This is how Apple themselves did it for Find My Friends, as seen in WWDC 2012 video of Session 216 Advanced Appearance Customization on iOS –  Dmitry Shevchenko Nov 25 '12 at 3:22
You're right. I didn't mention it because I wasn't sure if we're allowed to talk about those. –  MJN Nov 25 '12 at 4:59
Thanks! Does this method add value if you only have one theme (like "Find My Friends")? –  Tom Söderlund Nov 26 '12 at 12:15
Yes, collecting all your "style" definitions in one file saves time when you want to update the theme later. –  andytuba May 23 at 21:49

I can suggest that:

  1. Make theme class
  2. Make function to return background image(s)
  3. Make function to return data cell.
  4. make any required function in the theme class.

the init function should have one parameter to plist file that contains the assets(images) that will be needed for your class to work properly. it should be a plist file that contains a dictionary for a predefined keys.

I hope that helps.

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You might want to check out Freestyle. It's built on Pixate, and styles your app with structured Sass. You can do as little as change the variable values to make a new theme, or extend and customize it via CSS or Sass.

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You might take a look at NUI, which lets you modify the theme/skin of an app very easily, and save that theme for other apps, too.

For example, if you wanted to use a custom image for the background of all of your UIViews, you would just put the following in the NUI style sheet:

ViewBackgroundImage    String    MyImage.png

NUI supports styling for UITableViews and UIButtons, too (as mentioned in your other examples).

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I know this may be late but I've stumbled upon a theme framework called Pixate. Pixate allows you to theme all your components using css. It's native meaning no web views and what not AND its fairly easy to implement in an existing project. Check it out.

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