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I am starting mobile development using Icenium. When you create a new project it shows three options - blank, jQuery Mobile and Kendo UI. What's the best choice?

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Here is a quote from the Icenium documentation:

The following project templates are available to choose from:

  1. Cross-platform Device Application (Blank) - a basic project configured to use Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap) for cross-platform application development. This project template contains the "Hello World Cordova App" sample.
  2. Cross-platform Device Application (jQuery) - this is a complete "Hello World" application configured to use the jQuery Mobile framework. This sample application demonstrates basic navigation, user interaction, using a web service (Google Maps API) and accessing the device sensors.
  3. Cross-platform Device Application (Kendo UI Mobile) - this is a complete "Hello World" application configured to use the Telerik Kendo UI Mobile framework.

There isn't a "best" option here - those are different ways to do the same thing. You should decide whether you need a UI framework (jQuery Mobile or Kendo UI Mobile) or are good to go just with the PhoneGap framework.

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