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Does anybody know where I can find a free filter that would make a picture look like a painting?

I have tried to play around with some of the build-in filters but none of them really made it look like a painting.

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It's not a single filter, but a working tutorial - at least for me: http://www.worth1000.com/tutorial.asp?sid=161032&page=1

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I'm guessing this question would be more suitable for superuser.com

Painting is much more than that. What kind of painting ? Are you looking for an oil paint look ? Something close pointillism, impressionism, abstract painting, modernism, suprematism ? etc...do you want to make you picture look like a cheap copy of Van Gogh's style ?

If you're looking for free why not use GIMP ? There is an awesome set of brushes and other tools that make Gimp comparable to Corel Painter called Gimp Paint Studio. Have a look on Google Code and check the wiki/video/etc. Ramón Miranda makes some amazing things with it.

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