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I fill treeview in my project by next method:

            Gtk.ListStore treeview1ListStore = new Gtk.ListStore (typeof (String), typeof (String));
protected void FillTreeView(TreeView MyTreeView, Gtk.ListStore TreeViewListStore, String[] Column1, String[] Column2)
    for(Int32 i=0;i!=Column1.Length;i++)

I call this method by the next way:

String[] column1 = new String[]{"column1_1","column1_2","column1_3"};
String[] column2 = new String[]{"column2_1","column2_2","column2_3"};
this.FillTreeView(this.treeview1, treeview1ListStore, column1,column2);

Now I want to change some of treeview values, but when I use:

    foreach(Gtk.Object currentNode in treeviewListStore)


my program crashes. How can I change value of the ListStore?

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Have you thought of using the SetValues() function? Here is an example that will fill only the selected raw with the values you want. You can easily modify this code so you can change values to any specific rows using TreePath:

TreeIter iter; TreeModel model;

if( MyTreeView.Selection.GetSelected(out model, out iter))
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I solve my problem by next code: protected void UpdateDataOfListStore(String InsertingData, ref ListStore MyListStore) { TreeIter tmpTreeIter; for(System.Numerics.BigInteger i=0; MyListStore.GetIterFromString(out tmpTreeIter, i.ToString())==true;i++) { MyListStore.SetValue(tmpTreeIter, 0, MyListStore.GetValue(tmpTreeIter,0)+InsertingData); } } –  Mixim Nov 29 '12 at 4:28
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