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ASP.NET Web API seems to lack the service contract / data contract features of WCF web services which would have generated a wsdl that could be used to generate proxy classes. I'm wondering whether Web API is intended for consumption in a service-oriented architecture or if it's meant simply for Ajax consumption.

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Web API (as far as I know) does not support WSDL generation. If you absolutely require a WSDL, WCF REST might be an option, though no longer supported.

Service-oriented architecture does not require the use of SOAP or reliance on a WSDL and RESTful services aren't restricted to being useful only for AJAX requests. There are quite a few RESTful web service client libraries available from nuget that makes interacting with these services easier. Though it might not be as simple as using code-gen, creating a library of POCO classes you can share with other C# clients also makes things easier. Hope that helps.

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Thanks. My research is leaning toward the idea that the API ought not be too restrictive if using REST vs. SOAP. Consider, e.g., "hackable" urls vs a SOAP service that throws an error if one field is improperly formatted or missing. –  lorddev Nov 25 '12 at 6:35

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