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I need to use a mssql database to build a web application in php/mysql. Mssql has images stored in blob datatype. I don't want to use external tools as described here Migrating BLOB data from MS SQL Server to MySQL. I want to store data through php script but i have a problem in storing the mssql data to mysql data so that i can display images from my php application. Everytime i tried to store data from mssql to mysql it show query error. What should i do to store the blob data to mysql database?

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You can certainly do that using PHP. However, there are few important considerations:

  1. You must use prepared statements and bind your blob to correct type as described here

  2. If your images are bigger than 1MB (default limit), you have to tweak both client and server configuration to increase max_allowed_packet to be 16 or even 32MB.

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Thanks for the help!!! –  uttam Nov 26 '12 at 6:11

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