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I have the following data structure:

struct file{
    char  name[MAX_FILE_NAME];
    char  data[BLOCK_SIZE - MAX_FILE_NAME]

struct disk{
    vector<file> current_file;

When I try to modify something say in index 0 of whatever disk I've created like so:

disk new_disk;

new_disk.current_file[0].name = "new name";

I get the error that expression must be a modifiable |value

I feel like it's late and I just can't seem to understand something simple... but why won't that work?

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You can't assign arrays like that, e.g.

char foo[500];
foo = "this won't work";

You have to use a function like strcpy

strcpy(new_disk.current_file[0].name, "new name");

strncpy would be safer, and std::string would be even safer.

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+1 for std::string –  Xymostech Nov 25 '12 at 6:32

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